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A Legendary Look

The stunning A'therys resource pack has roots dating back to over a decade ago, created as it was alongside the original A'therys Ascended RPG servers. It has seen many visual upgrades and improvements over the years, but still keeps that same classic style. Apply it to your game to see why it has become one of the most recognizable packs in Minecraft.

Built for Grand Designs

Enhanced building and exploration are core to the vision here. Bring some polish to your Minecraft constructions, or simply immerse yourself in a more dynamic world. If you're looking for a fresh experience, this is where you'll find it.

Fantasy World Building

Everything in the game have been overhauled: textures, items, mobs, particle effects, terrain, weapons, armor, and the GUI. Vanilla Minecraft has a certain spark, but it lacks the RPG elements that this pack provides and perfects.

Palette Diversity

Vibrant but grounded textures come together to create a cohesive fantasy world. Discover what you can imagine with deepened color and pattern choices that still look natural in Minecraft world generation.

Optimized for Gameplay

This pack was created to be both beautiful and playable: almost any computer can run it in even the most demanding of scenes. Whether mining leisurely in by yourself or engaging in chaotic PvP, this is a look that won't slow you down.

Show Your Colors

Like most Minecraft resource packs, A'therys is at its best when shared with others. Choose it when you join the official server to experience the world as it was intended, and let it help you make your own builds really shine.

A'therys Resource Packs

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