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Survive and thrive in the Realm of Lumenshard.
Join a community of heroes in the ultimate fantasy Minecraft Survival MMORPG Server.

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Development Cards

LumenshardMC is in active development, check out the development roadmap to see our estimated release schedule for upcoming content.

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*The above list is displaying only 8 randomly selected active development dev cards, check the full development roadmap for complete and planned development cards.

Legacy Content

With over 10 years of history, you can take a look through all the hard work that has laid the foundation for LumenshardMC

Legacy Resource Packs

We've meticulously maintained a 32x resource pack for players for over a decade, grab the version you like best.

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Legacy A'therys Worlds

Download an play all the previous versions of A'therys and re-live the stories of the past decade.

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