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Hello, Lumenshard Adventurers!

It’s Moose here — or Taz, as some of you have known me throughout our shared journeys in the world of A’therys. Today, I'm thrilled to dive into some of the incredible new updates, projects, and features we've been developing for Lumenshard, which I believe will redefine what you expect from the universe we all love.

But first and foremost, let’s acknowledge the anniversary of this incredible world and the shared history this community has built together. Like any enduring relationship or family, we've experienced our share of challenges and triumphs. To those of you who've stuck with us through thick and thin, know that the future is bright.

Going forward, our plan is to share blogs that go beyond mere development updates, highlighting the achievements, builds, and stories of each one of you, the players. By this time next year, I'm confident that each of you will have plunged back into our universe and experienced all the wonders we've been tirelessly preparing.

Happy 12th anniversary, and please enjoy the rest of this update!

Meet the Future Experiences of Lumenshard

Swept ashore on the coast of reality, among the cast-off remains of winnowed worlds, you find yourself on dark and whimsical carnival grounds. How you've come to be there is a mystery, but you're given no time to search your memories. A cast of intriguing characters beckons you into the great tents, each canvas door adorned with a brilliantly lit sign. Among them, you see 'Dreamfarers', and 'Rite of Ascension', but not all the tents are open; perhaps hinting at the promise of more adventures to come? As you stand between them, your eyes are drawn further towards a gently bubbling fountain, somewhat out of place in the colorful circus...


From the outside, this tent sports the same ethereal purple striping as the others do. However, once inside, the cosmic ambiance gives way to the bright blue of an open sky. Center stage, the Interloper waits patiently for you — your headquarters for this adventure, docked and ready to board. The Ringmaster of this experience is there too, of course, excitedly guiding you towards the gangway. The ship's crew eyes you expectantly, and the captain checks his watch. You swear you can see them shift and shimmer in the light, repeating similar actions as if on loop while the Ringmaster explains the game.

Will you step on board?

The Interloper

This airship serves as the players’ base of operations and a rest area between expeditions. The Captain and the Engineer, the owner-operators of this vessel and apparently its only crew, contract her use out to various parties. Within the context of Dreamfarers, a shadowy organization later revealed as the One has commissioned the ship on a mission to explore the Slumbering Isles.

The Interloper's design is contemporary to the LMC setting, representing a newer model starting to enter service at the turn of the century. It is powered by a standard liquefacted poccol engine with akorol as the primary reactant. The akorol crystals are augur-fed, allowing the engine to run without constant supervision—only adjustments to the reaction rate or tank pressure settings are needed. Like most engines from this era, the thermal power released is used to heat steam and drive turbines for locomotion.

Within the Ship: The Heart of the Adventure

Aboard The Interloper, The cabin is ingeniously divided into three main decks, each encapsulated within the vessel's expansive glass bubble windows, creating a setting that's both functional and awe-inspiring.

- Navigation Deck: The central hub of The Interloper, this middle deck houses the helm and main controls, surrounded by a semicircular gangway for observation and docking. Behind the helm, a bulkhead door leads to internal halls containing storage and crew berths, which may be restricted for players.

- Mechanical Deck: Located above the Navigation Deck, this smaller area lacks external windows, focusing solely on function. It features an engineering suite with extensive controls for the ship’s reactor, including a variety of workstations and mechanism players will be able to interface with when playing the game.

- Expedition Deck: Positioned below the Navigation Deck, this area bridges the ship’s operational core with the adventure elements of Dreamfarers. It hosts the Reverie Drive and related workstations, central to launching expeditions into Figments. Bay doors on both sides open to allow players direct entry into the stabilized dreamscapes.

However, hopefully this small teaser of some of the key details of this new game mode has got your interest peaked. We plan on releasing a ton more content in the near future and will come back to update this post at a later date with links to those Lore Forge articles when they are released.

Rite of Ascension

Rite of Ascension isn't just another PvP mode—it’s a battle arena where players embody the memories of Lumenshard’s most legendary heroes. This competitive, team-based game mode challenges players to climb the ranks in pursuit of treasure and glory.

Here, strategy is essential. Each hero, from defenders and healers to rogues and marksmen, requires a nuanced approach to combat, reflecting their historical significance within the rich lore of Lumenshard. This mode is more than just combat; it's an opportunity to relive the epic tales and etch your name into the storied history of our world.

With over 18 heroes to choose from, 144+ custom handcraft skills and abilities, and incredible venues to fight in and explore, we’re confident Rite of Ascension will scratch that itch if you’re looking for an incredible combat experience within Minecraft.

You can read up on everything associate with our heroes, aspects and disciplines in an upcoming dev blog on the topic in the near future.

More details and dedicated landing pages for both of these game modes will be available soon.

What’s Going on with Lumenshard?

We've been hard at work building out all the content needed to bring the expansive world of Lumenshard to life. Our team is dedicated to crafting an immersive and detailed universe that will captivate your imagination, and keep you busy for hundreds of hours.

Level Design and Build Updates

Adventure Levels

We currently have 4 complete adventure levels, with 2 more in progress. These areas currently all exist within the borders of Ithero, or more specifically the Keruca Coast region and include the Remiliko Estuary, the Tirasso Meadows, the Skunemarr Valley, and the Orrisco Bluffs.

This map is an internal map we use to keep track of all of the content and points of interest that exist within the game world. Maps for our various levels won’t be shared like this broadly on release, but we felt like it would be a good idea to showcase the depth we take into creating each level.

Every single point of interest is hand placed and designed to accommodate what will be over 50 questlines for the region.

We then map out the spawn regions for mobs per level, ensuring that there is a nice spread of mobs for players to encounter throughout each of the adventure levels we introduce to the game.

The deep dark dungeons

One of the standout locations players can explore in Lumenshard is the Remili Undercity. This dungeon is strategically placed early in the game's quest line, making it a pivotal area that players will return to frequently.

Design and Atmosphere:

The dungeon is set in a vast underground cavern system situated directly beneath the city of Remilliciggio. The unique architectural feature of this dungeon is the visible foundations and lower structures of city buildings jutting through the cave ceiling. This integration of urban elements into the subterranean environment provides a distinct and memorable visual experience, blending the familiar with the mystical.

One of the earliest sights in the dungeon, what seems to be a massive ancient city built beneath the city of Remilliccigio.

Lighting and Ambience:

Instead of typical celestial lighting like stars or the moon, the illumination within the dungeon comes from lanterns and windows of the city above. This creates a surreal ambiance, mixing the ordinary light of city life with the mysterious and eerie depths of the cavern.

Your journey may take you even deeper into long forgotten ancient structures that hide many secrets.

You'll crawl through sewage lines, and explore long forgotten cisterns that are built throughout the cave system.

Gameplay and Exploration:

The Remili Undercity is rich with content and interactive elements:

  • Traps and Secrets: As players navigate through the cavern, they’ll encounter numerous traps and hidden areas filled with loot and lore.
  • Secondary Objectives: For those keen on delving deeper, there is an environmental storytelling quest woven through the dungeon. Uncovering all its secrets rewards players with additional storyline to follow, historical context for the region and potentially beneficial items.

The entire dungeon is full of traps, puzzles, and challenges for players to discover.

As well as many opportunities for replayability:

  • Multiple Pathways: The dungeon features various routes players can take, each offering different challenges and encounters.
  • Dynamic Endings: The dungeon includes optional secondary endings, leading up to an intense boss battle that concludes the primary quest in this location.

The entire dungeon is also built with Minimap users in mind, if you're looking to experience our dungeons without too many spoilers.

A New Pantheon of Creatures

Our world continues to evolve, and with it, the creatures that roam the landscapes of Lumenshard. From the explosive Blowshroom to the elusive Itiku Crab, each new addition is designed not just for diversity but for a specific ecological purpose. These creatures aren't just obstacles; they are integral parts of the world that interact in complex ways, enhancing the richness of our ecosystem and the gameplay.


This volatile fungus acts as a natural landmine. When disturbed, it explodes, creating chaos and strategic opportunities during encounters.


A dangerous flora species, its tendrils grasp and immobilize the unwary, making it a perilous obstacle in swamps and denser jungle areas.


Emitting a toxic gas when approached, this plant is both a hazard and a tool, usable by savvy players to their advantage in combat scenarios.

Itiku Crab

This elusive crustacean is known for its rapid burrowing ability, making it a challenging catch for both predators and players.

Biscken Beetle

A curious creature that is attracted to shiny objects, it itself looking like a a silver coin tossed into the sand, it's shell a valuable resource, often missed by the odd passersby.

Tectua Boar

Aggressive and unyielding, the Tectua Boar charges at threats with devastating impact, requiring quick reflexes to dodge or tame.

The Undead Effigies

These haunting remnants of fallen warriors protrude from the grounds of ancient battlegrounds, in certain scenarios this pieces of decorative memorabilia aren't all that they seem. In the world these effigies may spring to life, causing havoc near the player. They present not only a physical threat but also a window into the past conflicts of Lumenshard.


Flying skeletal remains that swarm in packs, the Screech can overwhelm the unprepared with their numbers and ranged attacks.

The Gravestones

When you next take a trip to the local cemetery, be sure to keep an eye out for the various gravestones that look a little out of place, the may just end up giving you a little surprise.

New Boss Mobs

In addition to the mobs that are coming to the game world list above, we’ve also been working on bigger badder threats that pose new challenges to players. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the few of you who demanded pain, it’s coming along nicely and we can’t wait to see how you all fair in upcoming QA sessions.

New Models and Artwork

Following the introduction of our new pantheon of creatures, we’re excited to unveil further enhancements to Lumenshard that enrich the visual and interactive elements of the game.

New Interactables: More than Just Decoration

We’ve expanded our world with a variety of new interactable items designed to enrich gameplay. From breakable pots that may contain hidden items to shimmering piles of gold that players can collect, each element is crafted to add both visual appeal and functional depth to your adventures.

Dozens of different recolorable pots that players can smash and loot to their hearts content.

Run through dungeons collecting loot around every corner.

A Hat for Every Head

We've also been hard at work at bringing in an impressive assortment of over 100 hats and helmets, each meticulously designed with its own 3D model, sprite, and unique crafting recipe. What's more, many of these headpieces are customizable, allowing players to recolor them and personalize their adventurer’s look.

Recolorable hats

Multiple tiers of new copper helmets

Multiple tiers of new iron helmets

New Weapons and Mechanics

In our quest to continuously improve gameplay, we are excited to introduce new weapon categories, including firearms and staffs. This update is not just about adding weapons but revolutionizing how they function within Lumenshard. We’ve completely redesigned our weapons system to include new proficiencies, specific abilities, and a refined scaling system that enhances power and efficiency as players level up their skills. The initial implementation of this system will be introduced in Dreamfarers.

New ranged weapons

Development Updates

Team Growth

In recent months, our development team has undergone significant growth. We've welcomed aboard several industry veterans who bring a wealth of experience from working on large-scale projects. Their expertise is not just in game development but also in creating robust, scalable server infrastructures. This strategic expansion is crucial as we aim to enhance our server capabilities in the short term, ensuring that Lumenshard can smoothly handle increased player loads and complex game interactions.

Gamemode Manager

At the heart of Lumenshard’s functionality is our Gamemode Manager, a core system responsible for instancing games and worlds. This system is undergoing major upgrades to accommodate our transition to a scalable server solution. The Gamemode Manager is pivotal for powering various aspects of Lumenshard, including Dreamfarers Expeditions, Rite of Ascension arena matches, and the dungeons and troves of our MMORPG framework. These enhancements will improve game reliability and scalability, ensuring seamless gameplay across different modes.

Shops & Economy

We've made significant progress in evolving our in-game economy. We've added new functionality that will transform player interactions with NPC shops. The upcoming interface overhaul will make transactions quicker and more intuitive, with a clean design that helps players easily locate and purchase items. Additionally, we're introducing item pedestals in the game world. These pedestals not only display items with clear tags for name, price, and available inventory but also enhance the shopping experience by allowing players to view and interact with products directly in the environment.

Concept tests for our new item pedestal display feature.

Custom Crafting

We're laying the foundational elements for a comprehensive custom crafting system. This new feature will accommodate a range of crafting grids, from the standard 3x3 to an expansive 5x5, catering to various levels of crafting complexity. The interface will include quick filters to streamline the crafting process, helping players easily find and utilize items necessary for their creations. A work-in-progress screenshot of this custom UI demonstrates our commitment to enhancing user experience and adding depth to crafting mechanics in Lumenshard.

Behind the scenes concept art designs for new shops, crafting systems, and item filtering.


A new feature we are excited to introduce involves how players interact with larger mobs post-defeat. These larger creatures will now leave behind corpses, which players must harvest directly. This change not only adds a layer of immersion but also integrates with our upcoming character profession system. Skilled harvesters will be able to extract higher quality loot more efficiently, adding a skill-based element to looting that rewards player proficiency and investment in harvesting skills.

A Heartfelt Thank You

As we wrap up this update, I want to extend a deep and heartfelt thank you to everyone in our community. Your support and enthusiasm have been the cornerstone of bringing Lumenshard to life. For those of you who have been with us through this journey, ready to embrace our vision and explore the worlds we've crafted, your faith in us is truly inspiring.

A special thanks goes out to our Patreon supporters. Your contributions have been invaluable, helping to cover crucial development costs over the past few years. Your continued support fuels our progress and makes sustainable development possible.

I also cannot express enough gratitude towards our dedicated QA team members. You show up day after day to dive into the often unpredictable and challenging early stages of LMC's development. Your feedback and persistence in testing help us refine and enhance the experience, moving us closer to the polished game we all envision.

Looking ahead, we’re excited about the wealth of content on the horizon. Very soon, you’ll be able to dive into our various game modes and experience the rich, dynamic worlds of Lumenshard for yourselves.

Join Us and Contribute:

For those who wish to support Lumenshard further and become even more involved in its development:

  • Join our Discord community: Here, you can engage with other fans and our development team, stay updated with real-time progress, and participate in community events.
  • Support us on Patreon: Gain access to exclusive content, behind-the-scenes updates, and direct interactions with the developers. Your support on Patreon not only helps sustain our project but also rewards you with unique perks that enhance your involvement with Lumenshard.
  • Apply to join our QA team: Get early access to alpha releases, help shape the game by testing new features, and be a part of creating a gaming experience that you and others will love.

Your involvement makes all the difference, and we are grateful for every bit of support you provide. Together, we are building something truly special.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey.


Also, thank you Sanders for being on the ball as always with celebrating A'therys!

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