Unraveling the Mysteries of the Lieqo

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Join us in the realm of Lumenshard as we uncover the secrets of the ever-elusive creature known as the lieqo.

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Unraveling the Mysteries of the Lieqo

Today, join us in the realm of Lumenshard as we uncover the secrets of the ever-elusive creature known as the lieqo.

The Ancient Tales: Lore and Origins

The world of Lumenshard is teeming with creatures, but few evoke as much curiosity and wonder as the lieqo. With their familial bonds and underground chambers, these creatures have carved a unique niche in our expansive universe.

Lieqos, despite their small stature, live in tight-knit social communities, often consisting of up to 12 individuals. These groups typically feature a central family, with the addition of some unattached adult and subadult lieqos. These communities band together, not just for camaraderie but for survival. Together, they protect their territories, find food, and most importantly, nurture their young, who are born and raised in burrowed-out nesting chambers belowground.

While they might come off as simple scavengers, lieqos are deeply ingrained in Lumenshard's folklore. Their young have a predilection for play, a trait that hasn't gone unnoticed by our ancestors. In ancient tales, lieqos have often been depicted as the 'cheerful scoundrel'. This juxtaposition of a playful yet sneaky nature has led them to be perceived as loyal, intelligent, albeit somewhat skittish beings.

However, not all tales about them are fond reminiscences. Lieqos, due to their opportunistic nature, often find themselves at odds with humans, especially during the harsher winter months. Their search for sustenance leads them into human territories, making them a familiar nuisance in villages and farmlands.

Appearance & Anatomy: Crafting the Lieqo

Inspired by the cunning of coyotes and the charm of bunny rabbits, the lieqo boasts an aesthetic that's both familiar yet enchantingly unique. These creatures, with their pronounced ears and bushy tails reminiscent of squirrels, stand out in the diverse fauna of Lumenshard.

Being quadrupedal mammals, lieqos are adept scavengers, blessed with a keen olfactory sense and acute hearing. This adaptability has resulted in various Lieqo subspecies sprawling across different continents, often being seen as pests by farmers and townsfolk.

Ecological Diversity: Lieqo Variants Unveiled

The vast lands of Lumenshard have given rise to three distinct lieqo variants:

Coastal Lieqos

These creatures have a penchant for the sea breeze and sandy shores. Predominantly seen around warmer coasts, they're not averse to venturing further inland, especially near bodies of water.

Valley Lieqos

Friendlier and more curious, these lieqos often wander into human settlements. Their audacity knows no bounds, often sneaking into homes in search of a quick meal. For many locals, they're akin to pesky rodents, albeit larger and more cunning.

Woodland Lieqos

The recluses of the lieqo world. Preferring the dense forests of temperate mountains, they steer clear of human contact. But woe betides the traveler who encroaches on their territory, for their wrath is swift and fierce.

Gameplay Dynamics: Interacting with Lieqo

Our aim has always been to make Lumenshard a living, breathing universe, and creatures like the lieqo play a pivotal role in this vision.

Players will frequently encounter lieqos in the Keruca Coast region of Ithero, providing both challenges and opportunities. From undertaking quests to control their ever-increasing numbers to trading their pelts with local merchants, the lieqo ensures that adventurers always have their hands full.

And for those with a culinary inclination, lieqo meat promises to be a gourmet delight, while crafters will find their leather invaluable.

Behavioral Insights

The lieqo's behavior is a blend of curiosity and survival instincts. Their hunting groups strategically stay near human settlements, feeding off the remains discarded by humans. And while domesticating a lieqo remains a challenge due to their restless nature, their intriguing behavior has captivated many.

Special Abilities that Set Lieqos Apart (Gameplay)

Beyond their charming demeanor, lieqos come equipped with distinct abilities. Their uncanny knack to burrow underground in the face of danger showcases their survival instincts. And when an Alpha of a lieqo pack sounds its haunting howl, it’s a call to arms, rallying other lieqos to its defense.

Design Deep Dive: Behind-the-Scenes with Lieqo

The Lieqo currently has 4 different skin and model variants that share some gameplay mechanics but introduce new and unique ones to keep their encounters fresh.

  • Size: Lieqos vary in size, with adults ranging between 0.5 to 1.5 meters.
  • Creation Journey: From conceptualization to fruition, the lieqo took around 60 hours spread over two months.
  • Model Intricacies: With an average of 8 bones and 13 cubes, the non-alpha lieqo models are a testament to simplicity and elegance.
  • Animations: Each lieqo is imbued with approximately 10 unique animations. The Alpha variants, with their dominant presence, boast a few additional ones.
  • Textures: Efficiency met artistry as we managed to encapsulate all lieqo variants within a single 64x64 texture without compromising on detail.

The Road Ahead: Future Endeavors with Lieqo

The world of lieqo is ever-evolving. While they've found their footing in Lumenshard, we're exploring new avenues for these creatures. One such intriguing development is the "Carved" variant - Cevolo’s wooden mimics from the ethereal Red Forest.

Did You Know?

A lieqo's olfactory prowess is legendary. They can track food and individuals across vast distances. Paired with their sizable ears, they've honed specialized vocalizations that play a pivotal role in their social dynamics. These facts will make an appearance in game, as you’ll often hear lieqos before you see them, with custom in-game sounds to bring the wilderness to life.

Supporting Lumenshard's Growth

This project is currently being funded entirely by the developers of the project, and as we continue to grow in experience and in community we can’t help but be so deeply appreciative of the support we’ve been receiving from you all as of late.

If you’re feeling generous and would like to become a paid supporter of the project to help us with continued development, please feel free to check out our Patreon. All of the public facing behind the scenes content we share is through our Discord so be sure to stop by there as well.

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